privacy policy

Welcome FLASHFIRE website (hereinafter referred to as the website), in order to allow you to successfully use the services of this website and requests for information, the following is the privacy policy on this website, please read in order to protect your rights. If the user for this site's privacy policy or related matters of personal data have any questions, you can contact by e-mail to this site, this site will respond as soon as possible description.

I. Data Security

FLASHFIRE will endeavor to reasonable procedures and technology to protect the security of all personal information.
II. Personal information obtained
In principle, when the user enters FLASHFIRE related sites here FLASHFIRE station will record the user, as well as relevant sites within FLASHFIRE browsing activity and other information, but such information only for network traffic analysis and conduct investigations in order to FLASHFIRE improve service quality related sites, and not specific individuals connected system.
III. Use of personal data
Profile of FLASHFIRE obtained relevant websites only FLASHFIRE inside thereof, to be used in accordance with the purpose and scope of the original description, unless prior statement or in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, otherwise the user will not be FLASHFIRE personal information to a third party diversion or other purposes.
IV. Query or correct way
User profile there is a change or find personal information is incorrect, they can at any time to request correction FLASHFIRE associated websites, including requiring an end to send relevant information and the like.
Five. Cookie
Cookie is a web server to the user's browser and conduct a technology of communication. In order to facilitate users, FLASHFIRE some websites may use cookie technology in order to provide better service for users' personal needs. It may be stored on a user's computer for some information, but the user can set via a browser, will set a high level of privacy browser function key, you can refuse Cookie writing, but may lead to the site some functions can not be performed properly.
Change VI. This Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may change from time to time depending on the situation, all the changes of the announcement FLASHFIRE privacy policy will be posted on this page. FLASHFIRE not without the consent of the user, reducing the present privacy policy entitling the user to, if the changes are mostly minor amendments. Each version of this Privacy Policy will display all the effective date, FLASHFIRE will be archived version of this Privacy Policy Archive for the user to review, if users have any additional questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please feel free to through this website contact with FLASHFIRE.

VII. Link

FLASHFIRE related sites or pages may contain links to other sites or pages know, for these are not FLASHFIRE sites or pages, whether on its content or privacy policy, regardless of FLASHFIRE.