Company Profile


FLASHFIRE was established by SANMOS Group, a global player in the development, production, and distribution of gaming accessories for almost three decades.

While SANMOS and its other subsidiaries mainly create products for market-leading brands from around the world, FLASHFIRE’s approach is the concentration on the direct needs of core gamers. Based on the group’s resources and long experience, FLASHFIRE combines innovative ideas with professional designs and solid quality, and thus formed a brand that is created by gamers, for gamers.

The spirit of FLASHFIRE

Over the years, gaming accessories became more and more sophisticated and diverse. But regardless of their ever-increasing complexity, one thing never changed: Gamers use peripherals to improve performance and enhance the level of excitement. After all, gaming is about having fun!

This is the guiding principle for everything we do at FLASHFIRE. Our products must be true “fun factors”. They must be performance- and entertainment enhancers. That’s the spirit of FLASHFIRE.

The value of FLASHFIRE

Most of today’s games are made so well that boundaries blur between the real world and virtual reality. Modern technology gives gamers an abundance of controls and settings to enjoy gaming to its full extent, if it’s played with the right accessories.

That’s why FLASHFIRE focuses on practical solutions rather than unnecessary functions. With the gamer in mind, we develop products of quality and design, with vision, and at an exceptional price-performance ratio. Hence the true benefit of our products isn’t defined by the number of buttons, degrees or sheer size. Instead, it’s measured in the  extra amount of true fun and gaming excitement our products deliver. That’s the value of FLASHFIRE.