Company Profile

FLASHFIRE was established by SANMOS Group, that has developed peripheral products of games for more than two decades. SANMOS Group is the design, research, development and production center of many global famous game extension brands. For more than two decades, SANMOS Group has accumulated profound experience and technologies, and also has been affirmed and supported by global industries. Over the years, SANMOS Group has witnessed the gaming industry, from rise and strong growth to the flourishing diversity today. We know very well that only professional design, solid quality and products developed on the basis of user experience are the future development trend of future game extensions. So we master the future tendency and establish the future game extension trends by innovative and macroscopic patterns. Thus the brand of FLASHFIRE is generated. 

The spirit of FLASHFIRE
With the evolution of the times, game extensions of the video game industry also get more and more diversified and emulational. No matter how the game itself or peripheral accessories evolve, the unchanged is the heart of players loving games. How to enable every player loving games to achieve higher performance and creative the best entertainment by game extensions and let all players have better use experience is just the central spirit of FLASHFIRE that we created. We hope to stimulate players’ more passion and present the fun essence of games 100% by virtue of the products of FLASHFIRE and jointly create the best use games and players with FLASHFIRE as the medium.

The value of FLASHFIRE
We know very well that what players need are practical products, not unnecessary functions or cheap products that wear out. So we concentrate on the feeling of users, develop practical functions and shapes, emphasize the feeling of quality, vision and touch, increase designs that can add fun, reduce unnecessary cost, and bring solid and practical quality and price to consumers. We create the established impression different from those brought by previous game extensions to you; we are committed to bringing the best use value to all players by brand-new thoughts and patterns. “The value of products outweighs the price of products and the gain of players outweighs the pay of players.” This is the value that FLASHFIRE intends to bring to players. 

The future of FLASHFIRE
In addition to committing ourselves to researching and developing the most pertinent products that meet consumers’ current needs, we also look forward to the future, keep pace with the times and jointly develop new products with the progress of the times. Meanwhile, we also cater to the market trend, develop official authorized products like PlayStation®, and will also pay continuous attention to the evolution of the game industry in the future. FLASHFIRE will be on the side of consumers all the time in the future, as we understand consumers’ demands, provide what consumers need, and further lead consumers to head for future brand-new game century.